Shirley    V.   Cotrina
We Are Sadistic
In our life we often seek acceptance, we try to blend in to what makes us more comfortable and accept our place in this world. We tent to pick habits that we see fit or right and this makes us forget who we actually are and what we actually want out of this world; it makes us weak, down and we cannot see what’s in front of us, we want to see what we’ve already have picture in our imagination. The people that we follow and trust can take advantage of us, take our self-steam and it is because of this that we put our selves in the fire, we don’t protect ourselves and prefer to stay quite and take the pain instead of speaking up and show our true selves because we are use to what makes us weak because that’s all we know, that’s the only way we know how to live life and in reality we are not even living life at all but someone else’s. We are still servants of our own demons. We are a sadistic species.