Shirley    V.   Cotrina
Every time I walk out of my door, I see the tomato fields that are close by. Every time I get on the metro I see banks and rentable places being built, and it seems like everyday there’s always something new being built. I wanted to explore the various things that overpopulation in this modern age has come to do, overpopulation is a struggle especially in Miami. Overpopulation makes people become more violent and selfish because they have to find a place, where to put their money and where to ultimate settle; from this comes violence, poverty, excess of banks and two main different financial status, the poor and the rich. I wanted to ultimate challenge myself to find overpopulation issues that people might not see or notice by just walking by because now and days people don’t stop and realize, that everything is changing around them. This is ultimate a project inspired by John B. Calhoun’s findings on the effects of overpopulation.